Margaret Scott was Head of Keyboard at Uppingham School between 1984 and 1996.

Her pupils won national awards, among them two Sheila Mossman prizes for the highest marks at Grade 8 world-wide. In the Schools Chambers Music Competition, she coached the four chamber ensembles, which won for the school the trophy in the regional finals. Her pupils have been accepted at the Berlin Conservatoire and the Royal College of Music in London, and other music academies.

In 2005 Rupert Egerton Smith won second place in the National Competition for Talented Amateurs at the Cadogan Hall, and he was again second in 2006 in the Paris "Concours pour les Grands Amateurs".

In 1996 she organised a 'Bachathon' to raise funds for a new piano for the school. Fifteen pupils and seven members of staff played through the first book of Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues at one public recital.

After leaving Uppingham, she continued to teach locally, achieving successes with her pupils, including young children and old age pensioners. She built up the treble line of the Uppingham Parish Church Choir, with boys on decani and girls on cantoris, directing the choir at Evensong in Peterborough Cathedral and Southwell Minster: and conducting choir and orchestra in performances of the Fauré Requiem, Benjamin Britten's Cantata St. Nicolas, the opera, Malcom Williamson's Happy Prince, as well the Operetta, the Wind in the Willows by Richard Shepherd.

Since 2005 she has lived abroad. Her teaching has evolved into giving lecture recitals, in English and French, in France, Belgium, England and Scotland.




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